John Pierre

“Think good thoughts, do good deeds.”

About John

John Pierre is a nutrition and fitness consultant who has devoted more than a quarter century to helping and improving the lives of others through his expertise in the areas of geriatrics, nutrition, fitness, women’s empowerment, green living, and cognitive retainment and improvement.

A dedicated activist, John works with people of all ages promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet, stress reduction, physical fitness, and the importance of living a loving and compassionate life. He is a popular personal trainer who conducts group fitness boot camps and works with individual clients.

John has a unique ability to communicate valuable information in an easy to understand manner. This makes the incorporation of his material useful and valid in the daily lives of the people he helps.

John has been a pioneer in the area of geriatrics, and was one of the first to create classes on fall prevention, and the link between diet and balance abilities. He has worked with the Girl Scouts of America, afterschool programs, colleges, and high schools, and has been a frequent presenter at Vegetarian Summerfest. A strong women’s rights advocate, John has lectured at women’s shelters and coordinated the collection and distribution of clothing and food. John has also lectured at orphanages, teen runaway centers, schools, and most institutional venues in his goal of spreading the message of plant-based nutrition, peace, and a compassionate lifestyle, which contributes to increased levels of health for people, animals, and the environment.


John’s Foundation

As more and more of us awaken to a compassionate lifestyle, the world, as a whole, becomes a more compassionate place. And what could be better than that?

John Pierre has dedicated his life to spreading compassion through education. As an activist for a plant-based diet, active lifestyle, green living, women’s empowerment and geriatric support, John Pierre has the unique opportunity to reach people on a global scale. He is an active trainer and speaker, and everything he teaches is centered around compassion.

With the help of your donation, John will be able to continue funding projects to educate women about safety and empowerment, workshops teaching compassion and plant-based eating, as well as lectures, videos and more.

Please help John change the world by sending a donation via Paypal.  Just click the “Donate” button and give what you can.  Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion!