John Pierre

“Think good thoughts, do good deeds.”

About John

John Pierre is a nutrition and fitness consultant who has devoted more than a quarter century to helping and improving the lives of others through his expertise in the areas of geriatrics, nutrition, fitness, women’s empowerment, green living, and cognitive retainment and improvement. While sometimes referred to as a “Trainer to the Stars” because he trains celebrities, rock-stars, and Fortune 500 Executives, John has a wide range of clientele, including military personnel, hard-core athletes, and many people with diverse backgrounds and fitness levels.

John’s unique ability to communicate valuable information in an easy-to-understand manner has made him a popular and sought-after speaker at numerous vegetarian, animal rights, fitness, and health-promoting conferences around the world. Presenting consecutively at Pennsylvania’s Vegetarian Summerfest for the past 21 years, John Pierre was recently inducted into the North American Vegetarian Society’s prestigious Vegetarian Hall of Fame. A partial list of John’s speaking venues include: Denver Veg Fest, Toronto Veg Festival, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine International Conference on Nutrition and the Brain, Healthy Taste of Ventura, Get Healthy Marshall Texas, Torrence Memorial Medical Center, American Vegan, Hay House I Can Do It! events, corporate seminars, numerous radio interviews and podcasts, and private lectures for groups.

As a pioneer in the area of geriatrics, John Pierre was one of the first to create classes on fall prevention, and help establish the link between diet and balance abilities. His recent and highly-anticipated published endeavor The Pillars of Health was chosen by Dr. Barnard, President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, as a favorite reading choice. 

Along with John’s extensive volunteer commitment to numerous nonprofit organizations, he has devoted countless hours to presenting health-promoting and personal-safety oriented information to the Girl Scouts of America, elementary after-school programs, high-schools, and other higher-level learning institutions and universities.

John’s volunteer work also includes coordinating the collection and distribution of clothing and food to women’s shelters, volunteering in animal-shelters, and teaching comprehensive women’s safety and empowerment seminars and bootcamps. He has also lectured at orphanages, teen-runaway centers, and learning institutions with the goal of spreading the message about plant-based nutrition, peace, and a compassionate lifestyle; which contributes to increased levels of health for people, animals, and the environment.

John Pierre is currently working on his lifelong dream of building a sanctuary and retreat center for homeless and neglected animals, and women and young girls who are recovering from abuse. Please click here to learn how to make John’s dream−Living With Harmony−a wonderful reality.

Check out this fun interview with Bones Star Emily Deschanel. Scroll down and click play for video.

John’s Foundation

As more and more of us awaken to a compassionate lifestyle, the world, as a whole, becomes a more compassionate place. And what could be better than that?

John Pierre has dedicated his life to spreading compassion through education. As an activist for a plant-based diet, active lifestyle, green living, women’s empowerment and geriatric support, John Pierre has the unique opportunity to reach people on a global scale. He is an active trainer and speaker, and everything he teaches is centered around compassion.

With the help of your donation, John will be able to continue funding projects to educate women about safety and empowerment, workshops teaching compassion and plant-based eating, as well as lectures, videos and more.

Please help John change the world by sending a donation via Paypal.  Just click the “Donate” button and give what you can.  Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion!