John Pierre

“Think good thoughts, do good deeds.”

It only takes 5 minutes to change the world.

Please practice these simple acts of kindness, and come back often for new ideas!

Click Here to tell USDA NOT to hide animal welfare data.

Click Here to Tell AirBridgeCargo Air to Adopt a Ban on Transporting Monkeys for Experimentation.

Click Here to Urge Carnival Company to Ditch Hermit Crab Giveaways!

Click Here to Tell HomeVestors Monkeys Don’t Belong in Ads.

Click Here to Tell Congress to Curb Abuse at Cruel Meat Animal Research Center.

Click Here to Tell Russia Not to Send Monkeys Into Space.

Click Here to Urge Ringling Bros. to Pull All Animals off the Road and Send Them to True Sanctuaries.

Click Here to Tell the University of Oklahoma to Send Imprisoned Baboons to a Sanctuary.

Click Here to Tell FedEx and UPS to Stop Transporting Hunting Trophies!

Click Here to Urge Feds to Investigate the CDC’s Laboratories Now.

Click Here to Ask Whole Foods to Stop Promoting the “Humane Meat” Myth.

Click Here to Urge the Banning of Traps on Wildlife Refuges.

Click Here to Urge the USDA to Listen to Congress and Protect Birds.

Click Here to Help End Canada’s Baby-Seal Slaughter.

Click Here to Urge Natural Bridge Zoo to Retire Sole Elephant to Sanctuary.