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Chef Marina’s April Product Review


My introduction to Matt’s Munchies happened at the Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim. I was attracted to the colorful fruit snack packages and the inviting and friendly atmosphere of their booth. Curiosity inspired me to check out what Matt’s Munchies was all about and I’m totally thrilled that I did.

I found that Matt’s Munchies is a small company that makes their products with care and attention. It’s a family operated business that came about when Chef Robert (aka dad) decided to create his own wholesome and satisfying munchies that would support a healthy lifestyle. After devoting 6 months to perfecting his tasty creations, Chef Robert emerged with amazingly tasty and nutritious premium fruit snacks. He named the new product Matt’s Munchies after his son, Matthew, who helped develop the unique flavors. Chef Linda (mom), and brothers Joe and Sam are also involved with the family enterprise.

Meeting Matt and the rest of the team at the booth was lots of fun. Matt is an easygoing, down-to-earth guy who’s proud of the great products he had a hand in creating. That shows in his words and actions. It was easy to see the amount of effort that went into everything associated with the company. That’s one of the things that I miss the most today in our modern landscape of impersonal corporations. And it’s a big reason to support small businesses that are trying to add something positive to this world. Tasty and nutritious snacks are always in that important category.

Of course I’ve tried all sorts of dried fruit, but Matt’s Munchies are quite unique. That’s because they’re made from organic fruit concentrates, which, in my opinion, enhances the flavor and texture of the product. This unique consistency makes them easier to bite and chew; making them perfect for individuals who might otherwise avoid dried fruit because of those reasons. I’ve also noticed that the taste of some dried fruits can vary significantly even when they’re from the same package. Yes, that’s expected, since different dried pieces of mango, for example, often have a slightly different taste and texture depending how close they were to the peel or the pit. Matt’s Munchies avoids these issues entirely because they’re made from the organic fruit concentrate, which makes the taste consistent (delicious) in every package.

The other good news about eating Matt’s Munchies is that they’re surprisingly low in calories (less than 100 per pack), especially since they’re so satisfying. As a dedicated snacker, well versed in the art of munching, I couldn’t finish the whole pack at once−although I eagerly came back to it a little while later.

I put Matt’s Munchies to the test on the airplane as I was heading back home from the Expo. I knew that they would come in handy for flying, train or bus commuting, and when carpooling with others. My usual “aromatic” snacks such as hummus, guacamole, and garlic chips can sometimes cause fellow travelers to frown at the potent smells, sending peculiar looks (of envy no doubt) my way. But eating Matt’s Munchies didn’t invoke any of those responses because of the lack of odor, and it was also less messy and cumbersome.

Matt’s Munchies come in 6 delicious favors: Mango, Island Mango, Mango Acai, Banana, Apple-Licious, and Mango Ginger. I hear they’re coming out with two new flavors: Banana Coconut and Mango Apricot. Yum! More tasty combinations to look forward to! My favorite so far is the Island Mango, which is simply a mixture of organic mango puree concentrate, organic coconut flakes, and organic coconut flavor concentrate. It looks like I’m not alone as it’s also one of their top sellers along with Mango and Mango Acai.

Matts Munchies are practical to keep in your car, or carry along with you in your purse or bag. They’re packaged in little squares, which stick to special paper, so you can easily share some with others. I’ve seen Matt’s Munchies in one store nearby and I’m going to ask the large health stores in the area if they can carry them too. If you can’t find Matts Munchies in your area, you can order them directly from the company here. Or ask your local store to carry them in stock too.

Let’s support this dynamic family team for succeeding to “brighten our snacking landscape” with tasty and organic snacks.

Chef Marina


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