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Chef Marina’s March Product Review


I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting Alina Z, an award-winning, board certified raw vegan chef, detox specialist, author and health coach. Alina’s radiant smile and exuberant energy is so infectious that you feel delightfully uplifted in her presence. In addition to her many achievement’s, including being an AADP certified Holistic Health Coach and the author of Traveler’s Guide to Couture Nutrition, Alina also co-created DLrevAmp;TM an organic, plant based food detox plan that invites individuals to embrace positive eating habits.

The idea of DLrevAmpTM is to supercharge your menu with fresh, organic salads, light soups, fresh juices, and more, for a certain amount of days of your choosing; allowing your body to conserve some digestive energy while still obtaining nutrient dense foods that help it cleanse and detoxify. Plans are available from three to 10 days.

Alina graciously invited me to try out the 3 day “refresh” to get a sense of the program and I was eager to give it a go!

On Tuesday morning a large box arrived on my doorstep, and when I opened it up I found that it was a cooler with ice-packs that was loaded with all kinds of foods and drinks. There were color-coded bottles of various sizes, all clearly labeled and filled with colorful liquids and mixtures. There were also containers of various sizes with fresh looking salads and goodies. Included was an insulated tote, a T-shirt, a lymphatic brush, tea, and a colorful instruction guide that was brilliantly easy to decipher (thank you).

I couldn’t help but appreciate the amount of attention to detail that went into putting something like this together. Everything was extremely well thought-out and organized. It felt like I being invited to take a min-vacation where I didn’t have to cook or prepare meals; instead, I was the one who was going to be pampered and recharged!

Because everything is so clearly labeled and color-coded by day−even by the hour−it was easy to organize the containers and bottles according to what needed to be consumed in its proper order in the fridge.

I began the program with the Cran-Lemon Chia Water, a tangy drink that was surprisingly filling because of the chia seeds. The next hour called for the Heirloom Seeds Pudding, which was delicious and satisfying. Later, I had the Sublime OnJuice, and at 1pm I had the Oriental Noodle Bowl (which I couldn’t finish because I was too full!). 2 pm was my cue that it was time for the Sweet and Spicy Power Shot (grapefruit juice with cayenne). I later had the Sunny Ginger Kale Chips, and at 7 I had the Namaste Broccoli Soup, which I also couldn’t finish because it was so filling. When it was time to get some slumber, my appetite felt completely satisfied and my body still had a tremendous amount of energy. I definitely felt a difference in just one day!

The second day called for a similar protocol but with different tasty offerings. One of the things that really started to stand out for me was the attention and consideration that was given to the different tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, etc. It seemed that all of these tastes were included daily in the recipes, and this satisfied my taste buds in a big way. It brought about a sense of balance, both to my appetite and to my moods, and uplifted my energy even more on the second day. Because I felt more energetic, I accomplished much more during the day than I expected and even had a surplus of energy in the evening again. I found that the insulated tote came in surprisingly handy to carry my juices and foods around, and it reminded me to keep going with this good habit to avoid both dehydration and feeling famished.

The other really important elements that started to stand out was the focus on hydration. I know just how easy it is to loose track of time and forget to hydrate but this plan really had me looking forward to trying a new juice combination so I was diligent in keeping up with the recommended schedule. That really paid off quickly for me when I felt an increase in energy levels.

When day 3 came, I found myself savoring each meal and juice combination. I was now feeling the full positive effects from the organic juices and the salads (there were also some treats included!) and I felt like I could have easily gone for another week! The salads were fresh and crisp and the food was exceptionally high quality and organic.

In looking over the DLrevampTM website, I noticed that Harpers Bazar put DLrevampTM on their list of “Best Diets for 2015.” I have to disagree on only one point: I don’t consider DLrevampTM a diet. I consider it an invitation to a lifestyle. Diets come and go and are not sustainable for the longterm. This program is different. It helps you to create good habits like hydrating yourself often, eating organic live foods, and even taking the time brush your skin to encourage good lymphatic flow. These are all habits that build a healthy lifestyle. Once a person experiences the profound effects that even a few days make on their energy levels and moods, I think they’re more inclined to gravitate toward this way of living. And that’s where DLrevampTM succeeds.

So if you’re ready to pamper yourself with a mini-health-vacation or want to treat someone to an introduction into healthy living, check out DLrevampTM for more information.

Special thanks to Alina Z; you can check out her radiant smile here.


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