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Chef Marina’s March Product Review

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get-attachment.aspxI’ve used countless blenders over the years, from the inexpensive to the downright pricey, but it wasn’t until my cheap blender burned out during the filming of a recipe video that I truly began to appreciate how critical a great blender was. Blended recipes are part of my work and a reliable blender is worth its weight in gold when it comes to mixing smoothies (especially with frozen organic fair-trade bananas), soups, nut and seed sauces, and plant based dressings. I’ve learned that the motor of a blender is of critical importance since it must take the constant abuse of mixing hard or frozen plant foods.

That’s why I was thrilled to discover the Blendtec blender several years ago. I had been using an expensive blender at the time and  had two complaints about it: its spinning blades were sharp, pointed and often nicked my fingers and hands as I was washing it. Its container was high, which forced me to dig most of my arm into the blender to wash it (not fun if you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt). Cleaning this blender was a drag.

Thankfully, the Blendtec blender addressed and solved both of these problems. It became my instant favorite. The Blendtec blade does not have any sharp or pointed surfaces and the container is wider and shorter than most blenders. This helps tremendously when it’s time to clean up. I stopped dreading washing my blender after making recipes and clean-up became a quick breeze. I didn’t have to worry about getting a cuts on my fingers or hands while washing my Blendtec. The base of the Blentec blender is also smaller and lighter, which is important for traveling and storage. The motor is top-notch and has handled everything I’ve ever thrown into it without complaint.

I’ve put my Blendtec through several years of grueling daily work. I use it so often that the container never has a chance to fully dry. It’s never let me down. If you enjoy making blended recipes or smoothies and are looking for a superb blender, it doesn’t get better than Blendtec.

Chef Marina

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