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“Think good thoughts, do good deeds.”

Chef Marina’s March Product Review

I’m excited to share a few products that I recently tried from a company called EnerHealth. It’s not often that I find a private company that truly cares about promoting real wellness and manufactures its own high-quality products, and EnerHealth is exactly such a rare gem. There are a number of things that make EnerHealth…

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Chef Marina’s February Product Review

In an effort to keep my product reviews even more fun and exciting, I decided to embark on a completely different theme for February: Ping-Pong! I’m focusing this months review on Newgy’s Robo-Pong because it’s proven to be a cool way for me to stay active, hone my reflexes, and just have a total blast. Newgy’s…

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Chef Marina’s January Product Review

A brand New Year is here, which makes January the perfect time to get more organized. Since kicking off the beginning of the year can set the right tone and create better momentum for months to come, I’ve been tidying the kitchen to increase my efficiency and productivity. This is why I’m focusing January’s Product…

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Chef Marina’s December Product Review

I’m focusing my December Product Review on essential oils for a number of reasons: The cold weather is officially here, which means that we’re spending more time indoors, along with everyone else. Indoor heating can be dehydrating, especially to our nasal passages, and our immune system may also feel challenged because we’re eating less than…

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Chef Marina’s November Product Review

I’m a huge fan of coconut milk and have been using it in my recipes for a number of years. Coconut milk is the secret ingredient in my creamy soups like corn, green pea, butternut squash, and pumpkin. Adding a teaspoon of coconut milk in your favorite tea also enhances the liquid, increasing satisfaction. Smoothies…

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Chef Marina’s October Product Review

With the winter season quickly approaching, I was inspired to shift my focus slightly to review a product that deals with strengthening the immune system. Since we’re heading into the holiday season with all its additional challenges (from travel, to gatherings, and much more), keeping ourselves extra healthy and energetic becomes one of the best…

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