John Pierre

“Think good thoughts, do good deeds.”

Creamy Corn Soup

4 cups organic frozen corn
2 cups water
1/2 fresh onion (chopped)
4 sprays Anderson’s Forti Salt mineral supplement (optional)
1 cup organic coconut milk (I used the So Delicious brand)
sprinkle of organic kelp granules
your favorite spices

Add water, corn, and onion to a closed-lid pot and bring to a gentle boil. When the onions are soft, remove the pot from the stove and transfer the contents carefully into your blender. Cautiously turn on low setting, making sure that lid is secure and air flow is available to avoid the lid popping off from the steam pressure. Continue to blend until creamy. Transfer back into pot and add the coconut milk, continuing to stir for another 2 minutes on low. Sprinkle with organic kelp granules for an additional touch. Enjoy!

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