John Pierre

“Think good thoughts, do good deeds.”

In "In The Kitchen With John Pierre & Friends," John shows you how to create easy, delicious vegan foods that everyone will love — even kids!  64 minutes. Please note: will not download to an Ipad or Iphone. Will only download to a PC.

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 4 reviews
by Beth Ann Senderak on John Pierre

This is a great "cookbook!" So many amazing and creative ideas that I would never have thought of. Thanks so much, now I need to order the other one!

by Emily Hu on John Pierre

I am a new vegan. My cooking knowledge for my new healthy lifestyle was limited and stagnant – same vegetables….. same fruits…..same way of preparing...... E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y. This video has been valuable to me because it provides such a wealth of ideas for food combinations – adding pumpkin to make a smoothie? How cool is that? And it taste good! John Pierre also teaches different methods of preparation - blending, juicing….using a dehydrator to make crunchy kale chips. Love that! I’m confident the kale chips will break me of my carb addiction which has ruled my life. Not only does John Pierre make cooking healthy, easy and fun - his knowledge of the nutritional value of things will blow you away. I love this video! Also, John Pierre’s 12 year old helper, Melanie is really cute. Great recipes for kids. I purchased the video for my friend who is into health, but couldn’t cook. Now, she tells people she can.

by Ashe Abbott on John Pierre

I *love* this DVD! All the recipes are so easy and delicious, and John is so warm and friendly, he's a pleasure to watch!!

by Wanda Anderson on John Pierre

Thank you for the great recipes. Everything was easy to make and was very inspiring. I am starting to use my blender again and to eat healthier. I am looking forward to more of your DVD's coming out so that I can learn more.