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Dear Fellow Earthlings,

The solution to healing our planet at this time in history is the synergy of Love, Compassion, Peace and ACTION. We, as activists, need to make time to send the letters and make the calls to voice our beliefs.

I have seen firsthand the results that come from action. I have written letters to a company about their offensive ads portraying women in unacceptable ways. I received a response letting me know they would no longer run the ads. I’ve also called a company and informed them that the small amount of milk in their product was unnecessary. I later saw the company had changed their formula.

Let the world hear your voice. It really does make a difference. Write, call — do whatever you have to do. When we all speak our unified belief in compassion, we change the world. Please visit my 5 Minute Activism page and take action right now. I will continue to post these action alerts, so please check back frequently.