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Project Child Save Fundraiser September 9, 2017

Please join Ty Ritter and Project Child Save for a Fundraiser in Chicago on September 9, 2017. For more details please click here.

Film-Project Child Save-hosted by LWH 2/25/17

Film – Project Child Save – a documentary on sex trafficking

Saturday, February 25, 2017
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Boulder Public Library – Main Branch
1001 Arapahoe Avenue, , Boulder, CO

This event is hosted by Living with Harmony, a group working to build a sanctuary for rescued animals and a retreat center for humans who need healing.

“Not only will the Sanctuary be a place where humans care for animals who have been abused and neglected, but the animals themselves will provide comfort and support for visitors and guests who have experienced trauma. This interspecies exchange has been shown to be life-changing for humans as well as animals. It will be a vital part of what we offer visitors and guests.”

Vegan snacks will be served and admission is free. There will be a discussion after the film.

John, Chef AJ, and other renowned speakers in Las Vegas for UWL 2017 Seminar

Join John Pierre, Chef AJ, and other renowned speakers for a 2 day Ultimate Weight Loss seminar in Las Vegas. Save the dates for September 2-3 and click here for more information.

John’s interview with Victoria Moran on Main Street Vegan

John Pierre’s interview with Victoria Moran on the Main Street Vegan show. Click here for the link to listen to the podcast. John’s interview begins about 34 minutes into the podcast.

John talks about the Pillars of Health and Movement Over Exercise on the Thought for Food Lifestyle Podcast

Click Here to listen to John Pierre talk about the Pillars of Health and Movement Over Exercise on the Thought for Food Lifestyle Podcast.

John Pierre’s Living With Harmony non-profit


Through John’s 501(c)(3), Living with Harmony, he plans to offer visitors, volunteers and supporters the opportunity to learn and heal through activities such as caring for animals, gardening, learning from speakers and eating plant-based meals. The sanctuary will offer educational, motivational and enjoyable opportunities for people of all ages. The sanctuary is a reflection of who John is and what he teaches his clients every day.

Click here to be directed to the Living With Harmony website.



Society, the Scale, and Your Jeans

At the office, in the field, and through my presentations as a nutrition and fitness consultant, I have had the privilege of speaking with thousands of women. When I ask them what their goal is, the most frequent response I hear is, “I want to be skinny, I want to lose weight and look good.” I have never heard a single woman say she wishes to be stronger, healthier and more resilient. In answer, I explain that their perceived visions of being skinny are nothing more than Hollywood’s unrealistic portrayal of how women should look in a world not based in reality. With the perfect makeup, studio lighting, calculated camera angles, tailored clothing and computer “touch ups,” we could all look glamorous in the magazine pictures too. But we don’t walk around on sets with hair stylists, makeup artists and wardrobe assistants. Our friends and family don’t look at us through specialized camera lenses and computer software. We move around in harsh sunlight, florescent lighting, wind, rain, and snow. We live in the real world. When we are conditioned to shun that world for the fantasy of Hollywood, we suffer real consequences as a result.

From an early age, we are indoctrinated to believe that skinny is beautiful and beautiful is happy. The more insecure that product advertisements keep women, the more women feel the need to buy these products to look good, gain self esteem and be loved. This is marketing 101 and it is a multibillion-dollar business.

It is a mistake to think that skinny people are loved more. Nothing could be further from the truth. If that was the case, no Hollywood husband would cheat on his skinny and beautiful wife. The Beverly Hills psychiatrist’s offices would be empty, instead of filled with models, celebrities, and female athletes on a daily basis. Even though we may know this on a rational level, the skinny obsession still persists.

Being skinny does not equate to being healthier either. Often, women end up using misguided and extreme means to become skinny. These can be downright deadly. Women continue to die of eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia every day. Chronic and exhaustive exercise routines to drop weight are also dangerous. Extreme and aggressive exercise can cause more harm than good, especially if you are already stressed with your kids, work and other real-life issues. Extensive and prolonged exercise can actually cause gland deterioration, cell damage and a flood of free radicals (which promote premature aging). Vital minerals like potassium and magnesium are used up with this type of exercise, leading to poor heart and nerve functioning. Once the damage has been done, there is not enough anti-aging cream on the market to stop the decades of premature wrinkles to come. Keep in mind, we do not have plastic surgery for our insides. Do you really want to look like a 28-year-old and be 70 on the inside?

Starvation diets are equally as dangerous. Limiting quality calories is a huge mistake. Diets should be rich with foods that are low in fat, but packed with all the nutrients the body needs to stay fit. Berries, vegetables, fruits, beans, peas, lentils, sprouts, wild rice, brown rice, greens and some nuts and seeds are all excellent for the body – so much so that anti aging experts regularly recommend these nutrient-rich foods to help us feel younger, healthier and naturally vibrant. These foods are packed with phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals, which help fight disease at the cellular level, enhance the immune system and fight premature signs of aging. When you give your brain healthy carbohydrates and proper fats, you will improve brain function and improve moods. Nature was right all along; feeding the body naturally beats any pill or procedure. Period.

Quick-fix dieting stimulants are just as detrimental to our overall health. These stimulate the “fight or flight” response in the body, which causes a rise in blood pressure, hyper-stimulates the adrenal glands and signals a cortisol release. Cortisol is a hormone that has been implicated as a reason belly fat is almost impossible to get rid of, and it is also detrimental to the hippocampus (the part of the brain that is responsible for memory). Short-term, false energy spikes from these stimulants are just as quickly followed by devastating fatigue and weakness. These processes are basically exhausting you, your cellular energy and adrenals, not to mention speeding up the production of wrinkles. The traditional road to “skinny” is not necessarily healthy.

Psychologically, constant preoccupation with one’s weight causes damage that can last a lifetime. Being addicted to the perfect image causes the realization that you are not that perfect image. This causes emotional discomfort and pain that can be used as an excuse for failures in life. I hear so many women say, “If I was skinnier, I would have gotten that better job, husband, boyfriend, etc. (fill in the blank).” Therefore, to be constantly seeking that goal, by whatever means possible, we give ourselves the illusion that some day, things will be better. But what decides that you are better? Is it what the scale says? Is it the number on your jeans? These self-measuring systems rob you of your serenity and take away quality time from you, your family and your life.

Unfortunately, the business of keeping women insecure has become a very profitable one. Hair products offering more body, shine, bounce, glow, thickness and richer color lure us in every day. Skin products offering softness, youth, moisture and wrinkle reduction bombard usconstantly. Magazines, commercials and advertisements and their before and after pictures fool women into buying the fantastical illusion of the “Perfect Woman.” But it is just that – an illusion. We cannot all conform to the perfect cover model image. We are all to different.

The fact is, these divisions between fantasy and reality become very cloudy in a society with little emphasis on individuality. Think back to your graduation. At the commencement speech we were told to go out into the world and express our individual selves. However, we were told this while all wearing identical caps and gowns. Society pays lip service to one thing while modeling something entirely different.

When a child looks at his mother, he does not see her weight, her wrinkles or her grey hair. A child looks at his mother with unconditional love and awe for the nurturing and care she provides. He sees her warmth and is nourished by her affection. These are the eyes that women need to cultivate for themselves. Men also need to be educated on how women should be treated: with respect, dignity, fairness and decency. Women need to see themselves with the unconditional eyes of a child. Then they will find the strength to be real and healthy regardless of what society, the scale or your jeans say. We need to sell ourselves on our own humanity. We need to embrace reality and reach for health, well being, joy and peace. I look forward to the day when a woman says to me, “I am looking to get stronger, fitter, and more energetic!”

Chef Marina’s June Product Review

Dara's Raw Balls

Finding snack foods that are actually good for you just got a little easier thanks to Simply Dara, a family owned and operated company in Boulder, Colorado.

Created and founded by Dara (pronounced Day-rah) Haid, who came up with tantalizing recipe combinations that wowed her family, friends, and acquaintances, Dara knew she had something very special to share with the world−real food that tasted great and was good for you. Her delicious, nutrient dense vegan raw treats are something that you’ll definitely want to have on hand when you’re looking for a satiating and tasty snack, dessert, or anytime treat.

At first glance, I didn’t expect the Simply Dara Raw Balls to be so hearty and filling, but I quickly found out just how satisfying they were. I became delightfully satiated after eating only two! My body got the “I’m happy now” signal fairly quickly because it recognized the nutrient dense ingredients−it knows quality food!

Simply Dara Raw Balls are available in 4 unique flavors that are sure to appeal to everyone: Apricot oat, Cranberry Almond, Dark Chocolate Chile, and Original Cacao (my personal favorite). All are Non-GMO Project Verified, contain 99% organic ingredients, are gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free, and have no refined sugars, additives, preservatives, or oils. Check out their awesome ingredients here.

Not many companies today can boast that they have 100% sustainable packaging, which is just one of the many reasons that Simply Dara Raw Balls hit a home run when it comes to doing their part to help our environment. Each ball is individually wrapped in a BPI Certified compostable, wood cellulose film that will compost in a back yard compost in 12 weeks. Along with being made from post-consumer waste, their boxes are 100% recyclable and printed in a zero waste facility using vegetable inks.

I offered Simply Dara Raw Balls to my guests as a dessert treat and received numerous compliments. Everyone wanted to know how long it took me to make the delicious balls, but I couldn’t take the credit−it deservedly went to Simply Dara, a great family business with a commitment to things that matter. Thanks Dara!

Chef Marina

Chef Marina’s April Product Review


My introduction to Matt’s Munchies happened at the Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim. I was attracted to the colorful fruit snack packages and the inviting and friendly atmosphere of their booth. Curiosity inspired me to check out what Matt’s Munchies was all about and I’m totally thrilled that I did.

I found that Matt’s Munchies is a small company that makes their products with care and attention. It’s a family operated business that came about when Chef Robert (aka dad) decided to create his own wholesome and satisfying munchies that would support a healthy lifestyle. After devoting 6 months to perfecting his tasty creations, Chef Robert emerged with amazingly tasty and nutritious premium fruit snacks. He named the new product Matt’s Munchies after his son, Matthew, who helped develop the unique flavors. Chef Linda (mom), and brothers Joe and Sam are also involved with the family enterprise.

Meeting Matt and the rest of the team at the booth was lots of fun. Matt is an easygoing, down-to-earth guy who’s proud of the great products he had a hand in creating. That shows in his words and actions. It was easy to see the amount of effort that went into everything associated with the company. That’s one of the things that I miss the most today in our modern landscape of impersonal corporations. And it’s a big reason to support small businesses that are trying to add something positive to this world. Tasty and nutritious snacks are always in that important category.

Of course I’ve tried all sorts of dried fruit, but Matt’s Munchies are quite unique. That’s because they’re made from organic fruit concentrates, which, in my opinion, enhances the flavor and texture of the product. This unique consistency makes them easier to bite and chew; making them perfect for individuals who might otherwise avoid dried fruit because of those reasons. I’ve also noticed that the taste of some dried fruits can vary significantly even when they’re from the same package. Yes, that’s expected, since different dried pieces of mango, for example, often have a slightly different taste and texture depending how close they were to the peel or the pit. Matt’s Munchies avoids these issues entirely because they’re made from the organic fruit concentrate, which makes the taste consistent (delicious) in every package.

The other good news about eating Matt’s Munchies is that they’re surprisingly low in calories (less than 100 per pack), especially since they’re so satisfying. As a dedicated snacker, well versed in the art of munching, I couldn’t finish the whole pack at once−although I eagerly came back to it a little while later.

I put Matt’s Munchies to the test on the airplane as I was heading back home from the Expo. I knew that they would come in handy for flying, train or bus commuting, and when carpooling with others. My usual “aromatic” snacks such as hummus, guacamole, and garlic chips can sometimes cause fellow travelers to frown at the potent smells, sending peculiar looks (of envy no doubt) my way. But eating Matt’s Munchies didn’t invoke any of those responses because of the lack of odor, and it was also less messy and cumbersome.

Matt’s Munchies come in 6 delicious favors: Mango, Island Mango, Mango Acai, Banana, Apple-Licious, and Mango Ginger. I hear they’re coming out with two new flavors: Banana Coconut and Mango Apricot. Yum! More tasty combinations to look forward to! My favorite so far is the Island Mango, which is simply a mixture of organic mango puree concentrate, organic coconut flakes, and organic coconut flavor concentrate. It looks like I’m not alone as it’s also one of their top sellers along with Mango and Mango Acai.

Matts Munchies are practical to keep in your car, or carry along with you in your purse or bag. They’re packaged in little squares, which stick to special paper, so you can easily share some with others. I’ve seen Matt’s Munchies in one store nearby and I’m going to ask the large health stores in the area if they can carry them too. If you can’t find Matts Munchies in your area, you can order them directly from the company here. Or ask your local store to carry them in stock too.

Let’s support this dynamic family team for succeeding to “brighten our snacking landscape” with tasty and organic snacks.

Chef Marina


Chef Marina’s March Product Review


I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting Alina Z, an award-winning, board certified raw vegan chef, detox specialist, author and health coach. Alina’s radiant smile and exuberant energy is so infectious that you feel delightfully uplifted in her presence. In addition to her many achievement’s, including being an AADP certified Holistic Health Coach and the author of Traveler’s Guide to Couture Nutrition, Alina also co-created DLrevAmp;TM an organic, plant based food detox plan that invites individuals to embrace positive eating habits.

The idea of DLrevAmpTM is to supercharge your menu with fresh, organic salads, light soups, fresh juices, and more, for a certain amount of days of your choosing; allowing your body to conserve some digestive energy while still obtaining nutrient dense foods that help it cleanse and detoxify. Plans are available from three to 10 days.

Alina graciously invited me to try out the 3 day “refresh” to get a sense of the program and I was eager to give it a go!

On Tuesday morning a large box arrived on my doorstep, and when I opened it up I found that it was a cooler with ice-packs that was loaded with all kinds of foods and drinks. There were color-coded bottles of various sizes, all clearly labeled and filled with colorful liquids and mixtures. There were also containers of various sizes with fresh looking salads and goodies. Included was an insulated tote, a T-shirt, a lymphatic brush, tea, and a colorful instruction guide that was brilliantly easy to decipher (thank you).

I couldn’t help but appreciate the amount of attention to detail that went into putting something like this together. Everything was extremely well thought-out and organized. It felt like I being invited to take a min-vacation where I didn’t have to cook or prepare meals; instead, I was the one who was going to be pampered and recharged!

Because everything is so clearly labeled and color-coded by day−even by the hour−it was easy to organize the containers and bottles according to what needed to be consumed in its proper order in the fridge.

I began the program with the Cran-Lemon Chia Water, a tangy drink that was surprisingly filling because of the chia seeds. The next hour called for the Heirloom Seeds Pudding, which was delicious and satisfying. Later, I had the Sublime OnJuice, and at 1pm I had the Oriental Noodle Bowl (which I couldn’t finish because I was too full!). 2 pm was my cue that it was time for the Sweet and Spicy Power Shot (grapefruit juice with cayenne). I later had the Sunny Ginger Kale Chips, and at 7 I had the Namaste Broccoli Soup, which I also couldn’t finish because it was so filling. When it was time to get some slumber, my appetite felt completely satisfied and my body still had a tremendous amount of energy. I definitely felt a difference in just one day!

The second day called for a similar protocol but with different tasty offerings. One of the things that really started to stand out for me was the attention and consideration that was given to the different tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, etc. It seemed that all of these tastes were included daily in the recipes, and this satisfied my taste buds in a big way. It brought about a sense of balance, both to my appetite and to my moods, and uplifted my energy even more on the second day. Because I felt more energetic, I accomplished much more during the day than I expected and even had a surplus of energy in the evening again. I found that the insulated tote came in surprisingly handy to carry my juices and foods around, and it reminded me to keep going with this good habit to avoid both dehydration and feeling famished.

The other really important elements that started to stand out was the focus on hydration. I know just how easy it is to loose track of time and forget to hydrate but this plan really had me looking forward to trying a new juice combination so I was diligent in keeping up with the recommended schedule. That really paid off quickly for me when I felt an increase in energy levels.

When day 3 came, I found myself savoring each meal and juice combination. I was now feeling the full positive effects from the organic juices and the salads (there were also some treats included!) and I felt like I could have easily gone for another week! The salads were fresh and crisp and the food was exceptionally high quality and organic.

In looking over the DLrevampTM website, I noticed that Harpers Bazar put DLrevampTM on their list of “Best Diets for 2015.” I have to disagree on only one point: I don’t consider DLrevampTM a diet. I consider it an invitation to a lifestyle. Diets come and go and are not sustainable for the longterm. This program is different. It helps you to create good habits like hydrating yourself often, eating organic live foods, and even taking the time brush your skin to encourage good lymphatic flow. These are all habits that build a healthy lifestyle. Once a person experiences the profound effects that even a few days make on their energy levels and moods, I think they’re more inclined to gravitate toward this way of living. And that’s where DLrevampTM succeeds.

So if you’re ready to pamper yourself with a mini-health-vacation or want to treat someone to an introduction into healthy living, check out DLrevampTM for more information.

Special thanks to Alina Z; you can check out her radiant smile here.


Chef Marina