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Transformation Through Love and Compassion

Lifestyle Enhancement  Consultant


Joaquin Phoenix, Oscar Winning Actor

“John Pierre is special. I wouldn’t know how else to describe him. He has a unique encyclopedic knowledge of nutrition and its effects on the mind and body. But also and maybe more importantly, he understands the spirit. He understands the value of living a truly ethical life. His actions are not for show. They’re for humanity, for the animals and the planet. Naturally, that commitment rubs off on those that are lucky enough to spend time with JP. I’m one of those lucky ones.”

Meet JP

John Pierre has captivated and entertained audiences around the world.  With a fascinating blend of science, humor, and practicality John Pierre offers life-changing strategies in an easy to understand method. A pioneer in the brain building field for the elderly, John Pierre created the first brain-building programs utilizing a plant-based diet and nutraceuticals over 25 years ago. With more than 35 years of experience in the nutrition and fitness field, John Pierre has developed cutting edge programs with a blend of science and ancient modalities. John has authored two books, along with cooking DVDs, exercise videos, and numerous online programs. His heart of service is a nonprofit called Living With Harmony that works to heal, inspire, and transform the lives of people, animals, and the planet, through the education of “PLANET-Based Living.”

Corporate Wellness Programs & Keynote Speaker 

Customized Programs for the Wellness of Your Leaders and Employees

Whole person wellness is good for the individual and great for the organization. 


Virtual training

$150 /hr

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The Foundations of Well-Being

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Functional Fitness 

Aerobics Class

In Person Training

Laughing Yoga

My Books

The Pillars of Health

The Pillars of Health introduces four solid principles that provide a strong foundation for vibrant and lasting health: nourishment from real food; creative stimulation for the mind; joyous physical movement for the body; and a spiritual philosophy focused on compassion, love, and peace.

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Strong, Savvy, Safe

Strong, Savvy, Safe introduces practical tools and principles that invite everyone to take control and responsibility of their personal health, safety, and awareness; inspiring true empowerment and lasting wellbeing.

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Living With Harmony

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